Academic scheduling and event management software for colleges and universities

College and university campuses frequently struggle with the task of getting academic classes and the wide variety of non-academic meetings and events that they host into the appropriate rooms. Ensuring the availability of the necessary services and resources can also be difficult. EMS Campus™ is a complete academic and event scheduling solution used by more than 1,000 higher education organizations to meet their campus-wide scheduling needs.

EMS Campus™

Fully-featured meeting and event management system, powerful academic scheduling (including final exam scheduling), with comprehensive service and resource management. A complete campus solution.


Bi-directional SIS Integration

Automated room assignment and space optimization in real-time. Supports: Oracle's PeopleSoft, Jenzabar, Three Rivers Systems CAMS, Ellucian's Banner, Colleague & PowerCAMPUS, and certain custom systems.


Complete Campus Scheduling

For the academic departments and registrars working to ensure that every class meets in a location and at a time that is acceptable to professors and students, the system provides automatic room assignment within user-supplied parameters, integration with your SIS/ERP software and efficient online collaboration tools. It also simplifies final exam scheduling. Meeting and event staff have access to a powerful array of tools for booking single- or multi-day events, reserving the services and resources required for those events, producing operational and statistical reports, and tracking financial transactions.

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Enable online or mobile access to room availability and event information with the Virtual for EMS™ component. Authorize users to submit requests or create room reservations and schedule meeting-related services online.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Book a room, check availability or verify a class location using any device, wherever you are! EMS for Outlook and our Virtual for EMS™ web interface ensure scheduling access is available at all times for both students and faculty.


Course Preferences

One of the many specific EMS Campus™ features allows academic departments to specify customizable course preferences such as seating style, smart classroom, white board, etc. as either required or preferred.

Key Features

Academic Scheduling Software vs Timetabling Software

Unlike timetabling software or timetable software, which is typically used to create a class schedule from scratch each semester, academic scheduling software allows you to "roll" existing schedules forward and modify them, making the scheduling process more efficient.

System Includes...

Virtual for EMS™

    PDF Icon Online Browsing     PDF Icon Online Requests/Reservations

Leverage the power of the internet with this module for EMS Campus™. Virtual for EMS provides fully interactive, real-time access to scheduling information via the internet or your organization's intranet. Website visitors can browse your building schedule or search for specific events from any computer with an internet browser. Authorized users (employees in your organization, meeting organizers, facility staff, etc.) can, depending on the level of access granted, submit room requests or create self-service reservations directly from the web through a secure, user-friendly interface. See it now!

Integrated Authentication

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This optional module establishes the tightest integration possible between the web version of the EMS client or Virtual for EMS and your network or web portal. Integrated authentication works with Microsoft Active Directory or your custom web portal to streamline web account maintenance for administrators and enable single-sign on for web users.