Scheduling, event management, and space optimization for large organizations

EMS Enterprise™ helps organizations save time by streamlining their meeting and event scheduling, reduce overhead by optimizing the utilization of their rooms and other resources and improve communication by automating the web publishing of event information for staff or customers. Utilizing Microsoft's SQL Server™, it provides all those benefits and more campus-wide, regionally or even internationally.

EMS Enterprise™

Facility management for large and/or multiple-site organizations, including advanced room optimization, resource tracking and event management capabilities. Used by Fortune 100 companies worldwide.


Business Intelligence

The Dashboard provides access to your popular analytics queries, as well as the at-a-glance function for a quick overview of the day's activities. Making easy to analyze room usage and manage your property on a daily basis.

Key Features

Used Worldwide By Large Corporations, Universities & Organizations

EMS Enterprise is an essential facility management application for some of America's most successful corporations, universities and organizations. Many members of the Fortune 100, five of the six largest U.S. banks, colleges and universities, multinational consulting firms, law firms, and religious organizations, have all discovered that this comprehensive tool for managing rooms, resources and services enables them to get the most out of these valuable assets.

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How It Might Be Used In Your Organization

  • An event coordinator from the south campus student union checks on space availability for her north campus meeting
  • An account director in Oregon reserves rooms, resources and services for both ends of a Portland-Atlanta video conference
  • A facility manager in Madrid compares her room utilization rate with the company's six other global conference centers
  • Entire companies, universities and organizations benefit from the availability of a cohesive, centralized, online calendar

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Book a room, check availability or verify an event location using any device, wherever you are! EMS for Outlook, Kiosk for EMS™ and our Virtual for EMS™ web interface ensure scheduling access is available at all times for any user.


A Preview: Reservation Book

Integrated Video Conference Scheduling

EMS Enterprise allows for optional Cisco, TANDBERG, or Polycom integration for streamlined video conference scheduling. The system allows you to manage the rooms & equipment required for successful video conferences supporting multiple timezones for accurate worldwide scheduling. Download PDF.

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