Centralized online calendar for public event promotion and/or internal communications

In addition to all the standard features you'd expect in a calendaring system (like calendar and list views by day, week month and year), EMS Master Calendar™ also provides an array of sophisticated features that sets it apart. End users have the ability to view "combined" calendars, filter by event type or location, and do keyword searches. Users can share information through more than 300 social channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, add events to their own personal calendar, access data via RSS feeds, get directions using integrated Google Maps, and subscribe to calendars for alerts on new or changed events.

EMS Master Calendar™

Promote events using detailed descriptions, directions, and any other important information required. Campuses, communities and organizations can all utilize this feature-rich calendar in their own unique way.


More Than Just a Calendar

Experience It For Yourself

Experience it first-hand by taking a look at our own company implementation with our calendar of events. Note: To access a demo version featuring additional functionality available only with a user login, please call 800-440-3994 x863.

Compare Products Request a Demo

Want to see live efforts from our Master Calendar customers with varying levels of customization, from branded banners to unique landing pages? Contact sales@dea.com for a list of live implementations.

Read case studies on Cal State - Sacramento, Texas A&M, and a leading technology company.

Importing Event Data

As well as direct input into specific calendars, you can import automatically from our EMS scheduling systems or certain file formats from other calendaring systems (importing requires the optional Data Connector Module).


Social Media Sharing

Users can bookmark or share their favorite events through more than 300 social channels, including quick links for Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Allowing you to expand the reach of your events beyond that of your website.

Key Features

Branding & Customization: Theme Roller

Master Calendar includes a number of simple parameters and customization options that allow organizations to integrate their calendar into the design of their website or intranet site. Show/hide certain features, insert a branded header and choose or create a color scheme, all inside the new Theme Roller with instant preview of your changes. No website development knowledge required!

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